2008 Dallas Cup 4v4 A Success!!!

Dallas Cup’s first ever 4v4 Soccer Tournament, held at the Andromeda Soccer Club Sport Training Facility, on Saturday, May 17, had over two hundred boys and girls, ages U6 to U12 enjoying their first experience of 4v4 small sided soccer competition.

Teams came out for a fun day of soccer while gaining knowledge of the highly-popular small sided game of 4v4. Through this experience players were able to work on their individual skills including ball control, quick passing and dribbling/shooting.

Champions & FInalists for the 2008 Dallas Cup 4v4:

U12 Boys (Rec) Champion: 97 Rockets Red

U12 Boys (Rec) Finalist: 97 Rockets White

U9/U10 BOys (Academy) Champion: Andromeda Navy

U9/U10 BOys (Academy) Finalist: Club Classic White

U9/U10 Boys (Rec) Champion: Wyatt Flames Red

U9/U10 Boys (Rec) Finalist: Red Dragons


Congratulations to all the teams for their participation- we’ll see ya in November!

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