A Brief History
Founding Club-Texas Longhorns SC

Dallas Cup is the oldest international youth soccer tournament in the United States, celebrating its 30th year in 2009. The Texas Longhorns Soccer Club founded the tournament and it was originally a way for the club to return the friendship shown to their teams that had traveled throughout Europe. When applying for the first tournament’s sanction it was called “The Texas Cup”. As this name was already in use by another organization the name “Dallas Cup” was selected by the tournament organizers. Since its inception in 1980, Dallas Cup has played host to teams and referees from over 45 states, 100 countries and 6 continents. The tournament is held every spring from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

Boys ages 12-19, participate in seven age groups. Dallas Cup entertains on average more than 160,000 spectators during the week, watching teams from all over the world participate in an extremely intense, explosive and competitive tournament where only the best return home champions. The field of teams consists of approximately 40% international teams, 40% state-side teams and 20% Dallas area teams.  Local teams that qualify for the tournament agree to host an international team and many are offered housing in the homes of local participating players in their age group. There is no cost to those taking part in the Dallas Cup HomeStay Program.  The benefits of such cross culture exposure are unlimited.  Players disregard any social, ethnic, religious or economic prejudices and walk away making friends for life through the love of the beautiful game.

Please visit Texas Longhorns SC at: www.longhorns.org 

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