Each fall over 21,000 fifth through twelfth graders from the Dallas, Frisco, Garland and Richardson School Districts participate in the Dallas is Diversity Calendar Artwork Project. Students illustrate their ideas of how soccer promotes diversity with the calendar featuring holidays celebrated throughout the world. Thirteen pieces of artwork are selected, one for the cover of the calendar and one for each month of the year.

Along with the publishing of their artwork, five students are chosen to receive scholarships in the amount $500 each for their outstanding talent and their vision of soccer “Bringing the World Together.”  The art teachers for each of the 13 pieces of art work selected receive $200 to assit with purchase of art supplies.

5,000 copies of the calendar are printed each year and distributed to the schools in each of the four school districts. Copies of the calendar are also mailed to friends of Dallas Cup and sponsors.

Below is the art work selected for the 2018 calendar
2018 Calendar Cover
 Anna Olson - Lonestar HS (FISD)

January 2018
Olivia Hughes - Richardson High (RISD)

February 2018

Estefany Hernandez - N.Mesquite High (MISD)

March 2018
Lauren Kim - Liberty High (FISD)

April 2018

Aruni Mittra - Liberty High (FISD)

May 2018

Shreya Enjeti - Riddle Elementary (FISD)

June 2018
Benjamin Lontak - Richardson HS (RISD)

July 2018

Joshua Kiesling - JJ Pearce (RISD)

August 2018

Nahomy Neri - FriscoHS (FISD)

September 2018

Zarah Harris - Richardson High (RISD)

October 2018

Sterling Moore - Frisco High (FISD)

November 2018
Vy Lam - Lonestar HS (FISD)

December 2018

Amy Chen - Lebanon Trail HS (FISD)

2018 Calendar  Back Cover

Sofia Conde - Richardson HS (RISD)

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