2021 Dallas Cup - International Team Forms and Documents


Required Forms for Accepted Teams


Required Documents to be Uploaded to GotSoccer Account for International Teams

Additional Forms for Accepted Teams

Instructions for Uploads and Roster Management

Adding Players to Player List/Tournament Event Roster

1. Login to GotSoccer Team Account

2. Click “Roster” tab on Gray Bar

3. Click “Register New Player” tab (top right corner)

4. Input Player’s Required Information (see below)
a) Players Legal Name
b) Gender
c) Date of Birth
d) Jersey #
e) Address, City, State, Zip Code (or type in N/A)
f) Email Address (Mandatory)
g) Click “Save”


Upload Photos Head Shots Only (Player, Coaches & Managers)
       5.   Located over Player’s Contact Information
              a) Click “Upload” tab

              b) Click “Choose File” tab
              c)  Locate “Photo in Computer”
              d) Click “Open” tab (bottom right corner)
              e) Click “Upload Image” tab
               f) Click “Update” tab (bottom of page)


Upload Required Documents
        6.   Under “Event History” Login to “2021 Dallas Cup XLII”
               a) Click “Document” tab (top right corner)

               b) Locate “Team Document Upload”
               c) Click on Arrow & Choose Document
               d) Click “Choose File” tab
               e) Locate “Document in Computer”
                f) Click “Upload File” tab

Step 1            

Adding “Guest Player” (you will need player’s GotSoccer Username & Password)
       7.    Login to www.gotsport.com
              a) Click “Login” tab (top right corner)
              b) Login to “Member Account” NOT “Universal Account”
              c) Login to “Player & Families”
              d) Input Guest Player’s “Username & Password”
              e) Click “Login” tab
               f) Click “Events” tab
              g) Click “Search Events” tab > Find 2021 Dallas Cup XLII
              h) Click “Register as Guest Player” tab & Click “Submit Application” tab

Step 2
Login to GotSoccer Team Account

      8.   Under “Event History” Login to “2021 Dallas Cup XLII”

             a) Click “Guest” tab

             b) Locate  “Guest Player”
             c) Assign “Team & Jersey #” (click update)

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