Peter Crouch reflects on his 1999 Dallas Cup Tournament

15 years after his memorable Dallas Cup Tournament with Tottneham, Peter Crouch returns to Dallas.

Steve Hunt, reporter for the Dallas soccer blog 3rd, recently had a chance to speak with Peter Crouch.  Crouch has played for his native England in the World Cup and is currently a striker for Stoke City of the English Premier League.  Crouch was in town as his Stoke City side defeated FC Dallas, 1-0, in an exhibition match on July 27.   Here is what Crouch had to say about his memories of his first trip to Dallas as a Dallas Cup participant in 1999.




Steve Hunt: You played in Dallas Cup 15 years ago. What do you remember about playing in that event?

Crouch: I had a fantastic time, loved every minute of it. Having been to Dallas before, I recognize a few parts of it. Made me feel a little bit old, saying 15 years ago, but I think I was about 17 and we managed to get to the final of Dallas Cup. I remember it being a really well-run tournament and obviously to play in front of some big crowds and to manage to get to the final was a great achievement. Obviously, I was at Tottenham at the time and I remember playing Corinthians in the final. Being young and playing in front of a big crowd in the stadium, it was certainly a good learning experience for me and stood me in good stead, but that was my first time to the U.S. as well, so those are fond memories.

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